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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in 2024

how much does lawn care cost

How much does lawn care cost? Expect to pay an average of $30-$75 per mow for basic lawn mowing, $40-$75 for lawn treatment applications, $75-$150 for aerating, and $100+ per hour for landscaping services this year. 

Ready to dig into the nitty-gritty of lawn care expenses without breaking a sweat? We break down the average prices for basic lawn care services in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • How Much Lawn care costs can range from $36 for simple mowing up to $7,238 for large jobs like sod installation.
  • The Benefit of Professional Lawn Care Services often save money over one-time treatments.
  • How much does a lawn service cost based on yard size, current condition, and specific services required.
  • DIY lawn care requires buying equipment which might include a lawnmower ($150+), string trimmer ($30-$200), leaf blower ($50-$300), edger ($70-$400), spreader ($11-$282) plus storage like a garden shed construction costing between $1,767 and $9,567.
  • Professional or DIY lawn care should consider the time commitment needed to maintain the yard.

The Average Cost of Lawn Care Services in 2024 

average cost of lawn care services in 2024

Well, y’all, if you’re wondrin’ how deep you’ll be diggin’ into those pockets for lawn care in 2024, let me tell ya it’s a mix of old-fashioned hard work and some newfangled numbers.

The green for your greens ain’t just chump change; from keeping that grass trimmed to havin’ the prettiest petunias on the porch, we’re talkin’ a range of costs that’ll have you weighin’ every dollar against each blade of grass.

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

The cost of lawn care varies depending on the size of your yard, the services needed, and your location. On average, homeowners spend between $100 to $500 per month for professional lawn care services, which can include mowing, fertilization, weed control, and aeration.

  • How Much Does Landscaping Cost? Landscaping costs can range widely from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. The final price depends on the project’s scope, materials used, and labor. Simple designs cost less, while extensive landscaping projects with hardscapes and exotic plants can be more expensive.
  • How Much Does Sod Cost? Sod costs vary by type and region, ranging from $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot on average. Including installation, the total cost can range from $0.90 to $1.80 per square foot.

Mowing Service as a part of comprehensive lawn maintenance

Mowing your lawn keeps it tidy and the neighbors happy. In 2024, expect to pay between $36 and $105 each time someone comes out to mow. If they charge by the hour, it’s about $32 to $68.

Now, larger yards mean more grass and that means a higher price for mowing.

Hiring a professional lawn care service, which might include tree removal services at around $700 per tree, can save you time and sweat. They have the gear and know-how to cut your grass just right, reflecting in the lawn services prices. With pros doing the work, your lawn will look sharp all season long.

Think about how often you want your lawn mowed too. Weekly cuts keep it looking its best but cost more over a month than biweekly trims. Decide what works for you: a picture-perfect yard or saving some cash with fewer visits from the mower folks?.

Yard cleanup work

Y’all know that keeping your yard neat as a pin is a must. But nobody likes the mess after a storm, or just the regular clutter that comes from good ol’ Mother Nature doing her thing.

Yard cleanup, including lawn dethatching and fertilization, is what you need when leaves pile up, branches scatter around, and your flower beds start looking more like a jungle than part of your peaceful home. Time to tidy up!

Now, hold your horses before you think it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. On average, folks around these parts are paying about $318 for someone to come on out and spruce up their backyards.

That number might dip down to $174 or climb up to $436. If there’s more work than usual, especially during the lawn dethatching or winterization seasons, affects the expect the overall cost of lawn care services, which can significantly vary in cost depending on the required tasks and frequency…

And don’t forget about those pesky bits of debris! They can add another $160–$400 on top depending on how much there is to haul away. Come fall, everybody’s gearing up for winter – that means getting all snug and bundled isn’t just for us; it’s for our lawns too! Winterization service will round off the season at about $393 so everything’s set when spring rolls back in.

Keepin’ your lawn looking pretty ain’t just vanity; it keeps the place feelin’ like home sweet home.


Yard lookin’ patchy? Overseeding might be the fix you need. It’s like giving your lawn a facelift without all the drama. In 2024, folks can expect to shell out about $1,180 for a nice blanket of new grass seeds across their lawn.

Prices for lawn care services swing from $592 to $1,768, though, reflecting the variation in lawn service pricing. Got an acre that needs some love? That’ll run you between $3,920 and $8,276.

Now listen here, every home is special and comes with its own quirks. Maybe you’ve got some stubborn stumps or sneaky roots that could hike up the cost of overseeding. But here’s the scoop: keep your lawn healthy and it won’t need as much work next time around – saving you some green in more ways than one! And if y’all are thinkin’ ahead with monthly lawn care, you’re on the right track. recurring services, it’ll be kinder on your wallet over time instead of hitting you with one big bill.

Just remember, your final tab will reflect things like how big your plot is and who’s doing the job – experience ain’t cheap, especially when considering the intricate needs of lawn maintenance. but sure makes a difference!

Aeration, dethatching, fertilization, weed control

Y’all know a beautiful lawn is the pride of the neighborhood. But keeping that grass green and lush ain’t just about watering and mowing. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Aeration: Your lawn might need a breath of fresh air, literally. Aeration involves poking holes in the soil so water and nutrients can reach the roots. How Much Is Lawn Aeration? Lawn aeration typically costs between $75 to $200 for a standard-sized lawn. Prices can vary based on lawn size and soil condition, which affects the labor and equipment needed. In 2024, prices for this service range from $78 to $238
  • Dethatching, at a service charge of 79 per hour, is vital for lawn health.: Thatch be like a tangled mess sitting on your lawn, blocking water and nutrients. Clearing it out with a leaf blower helps your grass grow better and prepares it for lawn winterization, an important aspect of managing your overall lawn service cost. Dethatching can set you back anywhere from $98 to $1,135.
  • Fertilization: To keep your turf as healthy as can be, fertilization is key. It gives your grass all the food it needs to grow thick and strong. On average, you’re looking at about $289 for this service, with costs ranging from $103 to $343.
  • Weed Control: Weeds are pesky little critters stealing your grass’s spotlight. Get rid of ’em for somewhere between $65 and $120, and let your lawn shine.

Leaf removal

Leaf removal, a significant part of yard cleanup, can be a breeze or a big chore, depending on how many trees you’ve got. It typically runs between $165 and $485 to clear them leaves off your lawn. If you’re lucky and just have a light dusting of leaves, it might only set you back about 60 bucks.

Now, yard size sure does play a part in the cost of leaf removal. A bigger backyard means more ground to cover and that price tag goes up. The average cost folks are paying is around $318, but if your turf’s all decked out with oaks and maples, expect to rake up more cash along with those leaves.

Let me tell ya, debris ain’t no friend to your wallet either. Got extra twigs and branches lying around? That’ll add another $160 to $400 for debris removal. But don’t let the numbers scare ya; keeping those leaves off the grass is key for a healthy lawn come springtime!

Sprinkler system installation and repair

Y’all know how hot it can get here in Augusta, and that heat means our lawns are thirstier than a pack of hounds after a rabbit chase. That’s where sprinkler systems step in to save the day.

Installing a brand new sprinkler system will typically cost you between $2,400 and $4,200. The good news is that most folks see their average bill land around $3,150.

But let’s say your current sprinklers are acting up more than a bull in a china shop. Repair costs might have you digging into your pockets for anywhere from $110 to $365. Hiring professional lawn care companies sure does make this job easier—they’ve got the tools and know-how to keep your grass greener than a gator’s back without breaking much sweat.

Next up on our lawn care parade is mulch and all those trimmings for trees, bushes, and hedges.

Mulch, tree trimming, bush trimming, hedge trimming

mulch-tree trimming-bush trimming-hedge trimming-costs in 2024

After setting up your sprinkler system, it’s time to focus on the plants and trees that make your yard stand out. Mulch and trimming services keep your grass healthy and beautiful. Here are the details:

  • Mulch: A layer of mulch can protect your plants and make your flower bed look tidy. Expect to pay between $17 to $68 per cubic yard or $2 to $5.50 per bag. If you want a pro to lay it down, it’ll run you about $20 to $45 per cubic yard or $43 to $98 per hour.
  • Tree Trimming: Trees need a trim now and then to stay in good shape. On average, this service costs around $475 per tree. If you’ve got smaller trees, you might only have to fork over about $85.
  • Bush Trimming and Yard Cleanup: Keeping bushes neat is key for a sharp-looking lawn. This will cost you between $50 and $75 an hour or around $6 to $15 per bush. The average rate hovers near $63 an hour or just about ten bucks for each bush.
  • Hedge Trimming: For well-maintained hedges, budget for roughly $63 per hour. Professional hedge trimming services generally charge between $48 and $79 every hour.
  • How to Remove Tree Stump? Tree stump removal can be done by mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, or natural decomposition. Mechanical grinding is the fastest method, while chemical treatments and natural methods take longer but are less labor-intensive.

Debris removal

Getting rid of yard waste ain’t just raking and tossing. Debris removal adds a bit more to the bill, costing around $160 to $400. Think of it as giving your lawn a clean slate. Piles of branches, leaves, and whatever else the last storm blew in need hauling away.

It’s hard work that can make your home shine.

You might find debris scattered after trimming bushes or cutting down limbs. Don’t let it sit and spoil your grass! Pros will swoop in, clean up the mess, and keep your lawn looking neat as a pin for that barbecue next weekend.

Just remember this service isn’t included in basic mowing or fertilization, so plan your budget accordingly, considering the lawn care pricing, which could be around 98 per hour for specific treatments.

Winterization service

Clearing away debris is just one part of prepping your lawn for the colder months. Winterization service Lawn winterization steps in to protect your green space from the chill through recurring lawn care measures. It’s a key move to keep that turf healthy until spring rolls back around.

You might shell out about $393 for this service in 2024, but it’s a smart investment.

Winterizing your lawn involves several tasks such as applying fertilizer designed for cooler weather and maybe covering delicate plants. The pros will take care of all these details, making sure your grass can face whatever winter throws at it without flinching.

And don’t forget, the bigger the grounds, the more you may have to pay for winterization.

Winter Lawn Care includes reducing foot traffic on frozen grass, applying a winter fertilizer before the first freeze, and ensuring the lawn is mowed to an appropriate height before winter sets in to prevent mold growth.

The specific services you choose also affect how light or heavy this chore hits your wallet. Want just the basics? That’ll cost less than if you go all out with extra treatments to ward off lawn diseases or pests that like cold weather hideouts.

Whatever route you take, getting familiar with the average cost of lawn care can help you budget better. professional help means saying goodbye to guesswork and hello to peace of mind—and a hearty lawn ready for next summer’s BBQs and backyard games.

Factors Affecting Lawn Care Costs Per Service

factors affecting lawn care costs per service

Yard size

Big or small, the size of your lawn matters a lot for lawn care costs. Most companies charge by the square foot. So if you’ve got the average U.S. lawn size of 8,712 square feet, you’re looking at a certain price range for services like mowing and fertilization.

Let’s talk numbers – say your turf isn’t too big or too small; it’s just right at that national average. To figure out your cost, multiply length by width to get those square feet under control.

Lawn Love might tell you, bigger lots naturally pay more because there’s just more grass to deal with, impacting the average lawn care cost per month! But whether it’s weekly mowing service or seasonal leaf removal, knowing your lawn size helps estimate prices better and prepares you for what’s ahead in taking care of your green space.

Obstacles in the yard

Y’all need to watch out for those tricky spots in your yard. Old tree stumps and huge roots can bump up the cost of lawn care faster than a cricket on a hot skillet, a reminder that the lawn service pricing can climb quickly for extensive needs. Lawn pros might charge you more if they have to dance around these hurdles, especially when mowing or laying down new seed.

It’s like trying to drive around potholes; it takes extra time and care, so that’s going to hit your wallet.

Now, let’s scoot over to how shiny and green your grass is right now. If your lawn is healthy as a horse, you’ll likely spend less on fixing problems like pests or diseases. Keep her looking good, and she won’t kick up too much fuss – or cost – in the long run.

Lawn’s current condition

Your lawn’s health can make a big difference in your wallet. A lush, well-kept green might not need much work. That means less spending on fixing problems like pests or sickly grass.

If you’ve got a healthy plot of grass, pat yourself on the back and maybe save some cash.

Now, if your grass looks like it’s seen better days, that’s another story. You might have to pony up more dough for extra services like lawn aeration to get it looking fine and dandy again. Overgrown patches or weedy invaders? They’ll need more than just a trim and can add to the overall cost of lawn care.

Taking care of your lawn pays off in the long run too. Regular maintenance keeps things manageable and prevents bigger issues down the road. Stay on top of mowing and watering, and you’ll likely dodge those hefty cure-all treatments later on.

Experience of the lawn care provider

Hiring a lawn care pro with years of experience under their belt can make a world of difference for your green space. These seasoned veterans know the ins and outs of different grass types and how to tackle stubborn weeds or pests.

They’re not just pushing a mower; they bring expertise that can help prevent problems before they start, saving you money in the long run.

Experienced providers often offer service types that cover more than just cutting grass. They might bundle up mowing with fertilization, leaf removal, and even winterization services to keep your grass looking sharp year-round.

Their eye for detail means they catch issues early on – things like pests or diseases that could cost a pretty penny if left unchecked.

Choosing someone who knows their way around a home also means you get personalized care based on what your lawn needs most. The right provider assesses the current condition of your lawn and recommends only what will benefit it, avoiding unnecessary treatments.

This tailored approach ensures both quality results and efficient use of your lawn care budget.

Recurring services and packaged plans

The experience of your lawn care provider can make a big difference in your yard. Now, let’s talk about how choosing recurring services and packaged plans can keep more green in your wallet and on your lawn.

  • Recurring Services to ensure your lawn maintenance is consistent.:
  • Signing up for weekly mowing can save you money over time.
  • Consistent fertilization schedules ensure your grass stays healthy and lush.
  • Regular weed control means fewer unwelcome plants throughout the season.
  • Packaged Plans:
  • A basic package, often impacting the lawn care prices, might include mowing, edging, and blowing services.
  • Upgrade to a plan with aeration and overseeding to improve your lawn’s health.
  • Bundle mulching with hedge trimming for a tidier look at a better price.
  • Opting for seasonal cleanup packages keeps your yard looking great all year round.

How to Save on Lawn Care

While hiring a professional ensures quality results, do-it-yourself lawn care can provide substantial savings.

  • Winter lawn careTactics like aerating, overseeding, fertilizing, and mulching in the fall prepare your grass for a healthy spring.
  • Overseed thin areas To thicken up turf before growth resumes.
  • When spring arrives, apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.
  • Mow high (3-4”) and never cut off more than 1/3 of blade height to encourage deep roots and drought resistance.
  • Fertilize in early morning or late afternoon when absorption is most efficient using best fertilizer for grass or organic options like compost tea.
  • Leave clippings After mowing to return nutrients to the soil rather than bagging them.
  • Replenish mulch beds annually to retain moisture and limit weeds.
  • Fix brown patches by aerating, adjusting watering frequency, and overseeding.
  • How to Overseed a Lawn? Overseeding involves spreading new grass seed over existing turf to fill in bare spots and enhance lawn density. For best results, overseed in the fall, aerate the lawn first, and ensure the new seed has consistent moisture until it germinates.
  • How to keep cats out of your yard? Install sprinklers or apply citrus or pepper sprays.

With some effort and proper mowing, fertilization, irrigation and weed/pest control, you can save hundreds yearly and still have a lawn to be proud of.

Pro Vs DIY Lawn Care Costs

Pro vs diy lawn care costs

Y’all might be thinking about rollin’ up your sleeves and tending to your own green palace, but even DIY yard care comes with its price tag. It’s worth comparing DIY costs to how much does a yard service cost to see if it’s worth your time. Taking the reins of your turfs’s destiny means investing in tools and time, so let’s dig into what that investment looks like for the hands-on homeowner wanting to keep their grass greener than a frog on a lily pad.

Equipment costs

Taking care of your lawn organically by yourself can save some cash, but you’ll need some gear to get started. Let’s talk about what you might spend on DIY lawn care equipment.

  • Lawnmower: You’ll find push mowers starting at about $150 and riding mowers at $1,000 and up. Choose based on your yard size.
  • String Trimmer, essential for lawn dethatching and care: Get those edges neat with a trimmer for around $30 to $200.
  • Leaf Blower for lawn winterization: They help clean up after mowing, with prices ranging from $50 to more than $300.
  • Garden Hose and Sprinkler: Watering your grass is key; a hose and sprinkler could cost you between $20 to $100.
  • Edger: To keep sidewalks sharp, an edger will run you about $70 to $400.
  • Spreader: For seed or fertilization, spreaders cost between $11 and $282.
  • Gloves and Goggles: Safety first! Gloves and goggles are usually under $30 for both.
  • Fertilization: A must for healthy growth, bags of fertilization range from about $25 to over $50 depending on the brand and coverage area.

Garden shed construction could add an additional $80 per square foot to your overall expenses.

Now, after talking about equipment costs Now, let’s move on to where you’ll be keeping all those fancy lawn gadgets, considering the price of lawn care storage solutions. Building a shed is no small task, but it sure beats leaving your tools out in the Georgia rain. Considering the average monthly lawn care cost, protecting your equipment is a wise investment.

Costs for a sturdy shelter for your mowers and rakes, lawn care costs vary depending on quality, with prices swinging wildly from $1,767 up to $9,567.

Pick the right size shed and design to fit both your yard and your wallet. Think it through because this isn’t just any old box; it’s going to protect your investment. A good shed keeps things tidy and saves you money in the long run by shielding gear from the weather.

Throwing up tool shelter also adds some charm to your property. It’s practical and gives that homey touch every Southern yard prides itself on. You get extra points if it matches your house color or sports some decorative shutters, and even more when considering the cost of 15 per bush for landscaping enhancements.

Time commitment

Once you’ve got that garden shed up, taking care of your lawn still needs time. Every week, you might spend a few hours just to keep things looking nice. If you choose to handle all the lawn care yourself, remember to factor in how much does lawn care cost in terms of time and equipment. mowing and trimming yourself, it’s gonna eat into your free time.

Think about those Saturdays you could be chillin’ with friends or enjoying family BBQs instead of pushing a mower around.

For many folks in Augusta, hiring reliable lawn care near me prices means they catch issues early on – things like pests or diseases that could cost a pretty penny if left unchecked. lawn care services is the way to go if they don’t have the time. It frees up those precious weekend hours while someone else takes care of their yard.

Before deciding on DIY yard care or calling in the pros, consider how much your own time is worth to ya. That commitment can make a big difference in whether you enjoy that lush green grass or feel like it’s just another chore on the list.

Lawn Care Easy Cost Tips

Taking care of your lawn in 2024 doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Plan ahead, know the size of your yard, and think about what services you really need. Remember to consider DIY if you’ve got the time and want to save some cash, especially when the average lawn care prices might be higher than expected, sometimes reaching $98 per hour.

For professional touch, look for package deals or seasonal offers can greatly affect lawn care prices, making some services more affordable at certain times of the year. from Augusta lawn care pros. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a great-looking lawn without breaking the ban


How much does professional lawn mowing cost on average?

The national average cost for professional lawn mowing services is around $79 per hour, but prices may vary depending on your location and the size of your lawn.

What factors affect the price of a lawn care plan?

Cost factors include services chosen, such as fertilization or aeration, frequency of care, regional cost of living, and additional features like installing a sprinkler system or tree maintenance which can cost around $700 per tree.

Can buying lawn care in bulk save money?

Yes! Many lawn care companies offer weekly or monthly plans for recurring service at a lower cost compared to paying for each visit separately.

What might I expect to pay for different types of lawn services?

For example, basic tasks like mowing could be about $75 per hour while more specialized services like dethatching might be closer to $60 per hour; however, pricing will depend on your specific needs.

Will it cost more to have my whole yard taken care of once versus signing up for regular visits?

Regular visits by a professional service often come with discounted pricing under a basic lawncare package plan compared to one-time comprehensive treatments.

Are there any extra charges I should know when hiring someone to take care of my yard?

Additional costs can arise from fertilization treatments or specific requests you make that fall outside the standard scope; always ask what’s included in your customized lawncare plan.


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