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Basic Principles of Weed Control

Weeds pose a frustrating problem for many property owners in southeast Georgia. Weeding takes time, and weeds can ruin your lawn’s carefully cultivated appearance.

Fortunately, you can take steps to control weeds by reviewing the principles of professional weed control. Get more information from our team at Green Lawn Augusta when you call 706-703-4949.

Figure Out What Kind of Weeds You Have

Before you eliminate weeds, you have to figure out what type of weed has invaded your lawn. Weeds fall into two categories:

Annual Weeds

Birds and animals spread these weeds, though they can also self-seed. Nettles, pigweed, and crabgrass are examples of these weeds. These weeds generally have shallow roots that you must remove to destroy them.

Perennial Weeds

These weeds spread by stretching out their roots or through seeds. You must remove the entire root, or the plant reproduces. Poison ivy, ragweed, and dandelions are examples of these weeds.

Many people turn to herbicide to control perennial weeds in their lawn or around vegetable gardens, flower beds, or walkways.

Prevent the Weeds

Preventing weeds means you don’t have to work as hard to remove weeds from your flower beds, tree rings, or garden. You can prevent weeds by:

● Properly fertilizing your desired plants
● Watering deeply but infrequently
● Mulching flower beds
● Applying landscape fabric
● Using lawn weed killers

Taking these steps can help limit weed growth.

Apply Herbicides at the Right Time

Many property owners turn to chemical weed control. Consider a pre-emergent option before the weather warms up if you want to fight annual weeds.

You may also use post-emergent herbicides if you already see weeds on your lawn. For best results, begin regularly applying these herbicides in the spring.

Consider Other Methods for Weed Control

In addition to herbicides, you can control weeds by:

● Manually removing the weeds
● Introducing natural enemies that destroy weed plants
● Growing plants that compete with the weeds

You can learn more about these processes by reaching out to lawn care professionals.

Talk to Us About Weed Control Options

You don’t have to allow weeds to control your lawn. Instead, get professional help preventing or eliminating weeds by reaching out to our team. We use our experience to develop a personalized weed control plan for your property.

Call Green Lawn Augusta at (706) 703-4949 for weed control services in greater Augusta, GA.

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