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Green Lawn Augusta is the top provider for landscaping services in the CSRA and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Our Landscaping Service?

Opt for our professional  landscaping service for expert care that elevates your property’s value and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Landscaping Team

Choosing Green Lawn Augusta means opting for a team that cares deeply about the beauty of your home. Our professional landscaping team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle every aspect of your  needs. From routine maintenance to complex design projects, we ensure every ladscape in Augusta looks its best, reflecting our commitment to quality work and meticulous care.

Our Professional Landscape Service Can Enhance Your Property’s Value and Aesthetic

Investing in professional landscaping services not only boosts your property’s curb appeal but also significantly increases its market value. At Green Lawn Augusta, we understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape in Augusta’s competitive real estate market. Let us help you make a lasting impression with our expert landscape design and maintenance services.

The Impact of Quality Work and Professional Care on Your Lawn and Garden

Our approach to landscaping goes beyond mere aesthetics. We focus on sustainable practices that enhance the health and longevity of your lawn and garden. With Green Lawn Augusta, expect nothing less than a lush, vibrant outdoor space that stands the test of time.


Exploring Versatile Landscaping Services & Design Solutions for Your Property

Discover versatile landscaping services and design solutions with Green Lawn Augusta, where innovative and customized approaches meet the unique needs of your property.

Professional Landscaping Installation & Maintenance

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor space with our comprehensive landscaping services in Augusta. From meticulous installations to expert maintenance, our team ensures your property looks its best year-round.

Custom Landscape Design for Stunning Curb Appeal

Transform your vision into reality with our tailored landscape design solutions. Our creative designers craft unique outdoor living areas that elevate your home’s curb appeal and reflect your personal style.

Sustainable Landscaping Practices for Eco-Friendly Spaces

Embrace eco-conscious landscaping services that prioritize sustainability. We incorporate native plants, efficient irrigation systems, and organic methods to create beautiful yet environmentally responsible outdoor environments.

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Maximizing Your Landscaping Investment: Maintenance, Upgrades, and Project Management

Maximize your landscaping investment with Green Lawn Augusta, offering comprehensive maintenance, upgrades, and efficient project management to enhance your property’s beauty and value.

Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance: Keeping Your Augusta Lawn Looking Great Year-Round

Our seasonal maintenance services ensure your lawn and garden remain vibrant and healthy throughout the year, adapting to the changing needs of each season.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Space: Patio and Retaining Wall Construction Services

Consider upgrading your outdoor living area with our patio and retaining wall construction services. These additions not only enhance the beauty of your property but also its functionality and value.

Efficient Project Management for Your Next Big Landscaping Project in Augusta

With Green Lawn Augusta, your landscaping project is in good hands. Our efficient project management ensures timely completion, adherence to budget, and stunning results that exceed your expectations.

Top Rated
Detail-oriented Green Lawn Augusta landscaper meticulously constructing a stone garden wall as part of comprehensive landscaping maintenance in Augusta, GA, with the sun casting a warm glow on the verdant backyard setting

List of Our Landscape Services

From French Drain Installation to Retaining Walls in Augusta

Why Proper Irrigation and Drainage Are Crucial for Your  Landscape: Proper water management is key to a healthy landscape. Our specialized landscaping and gardening services in Augusta include custom irrigation solutions and efficient drainage systems like French drains, ensuring your property remains well-managed and beautiful.

Enhancing Functionality and Aesthetics with Retaining Walls and Patio Constructions: Retaining walls and patios are not only functional but also add a significant aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Green Lawn Augusta specializes in creating these structures that enhance the usability and beauty of your property.

Our Specialized Landscaping  Services Can Address Unique Challenges of Your Property: Every property has its unique challenges, from sloping landscapes to specific aesthetic goals. Our specialized landscaping service is designed to meet these challenges head-on, providing custom solutions that ensure your property reaches its full potential.

Steven Nevarez
Steven Nevarez
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There service’s where quick and clean with no hesitation. They trimmed my hedges and mowed my lawn with precision and care.
Noah Garris
Noah Garris
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Green Lawn Augusta is great! I really appreciated their customer service and the good work they did aerating my lawn!
Aaron Forney
Aaron Forney
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Green Lawn Augusta provides timely, professional service. They have my yard looking great

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Landscaper Service Starting At:


99 $ Starting At
  • Site Assessment:
    Our team will inspect your garden to determine the best mulch type and the quantity required based on plant types, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Mulch Selection
    A variety of premium mulch options, including organic (pine bark, hardwood, cedar) and inorganic (rubber, stone) mulches.
  • Weed Control
    Removal of existing weeds from the garden beds. Application of a weed barrier fabric (if required) to prevent future weed growth.
  • Professional Installation
    Even distribution of mulch at a depth of 2-4 inches, ensuring plant bases are not smothered. Neat edging to give garden beds a polished look.
  • Package Pricing
    Starting at $99 per cubic yard. (Note: Pricing may vary based on mulch type, garden size, and specific requirements.)


499 $ Starting At
  • Site Assessment
    Our experts will visit your property to assess the soil quality, sunlight exposure, and drainage conditions to recommend the best sod type for your lawn.
  • Soil Preparation
    Soil tilling to a depth of 2-4 inches. Removal of old grass, weeds, and debris. Soil pH testing and necessary amendments to ensure optimal sod growth.
  • Sod Selection
    Choice of premium sod varieties suitable for Augusta's climate, including Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine.
  • Professional Installation
    Precise sod cutting to fit the contours of your lawn. Expert placement ensuring tight seams and no overlaps. Initial watering post-installation to promote root establishment.
  • Follow-Up Visit
    Our team will revisit your property after 2 weeks to inspect the sod's health and provide any necessary care recommendations. Package Pricing:


999 $ Starting At
  • Initial Consultation
    Discuss your vision, preferences, and requirements with our design experts. Site visit to assess the current landscape, soil quality, and environmental factors.
  • Custom Design Creation
    Development of a detailed landscape design blueprint, incorporating your ideas with our expertise. 3D visualizations and walkthroughs to help you envision the final outcome.
  • Plant Selection
    Curated list of plants, trees, and shrubs best suited for Augusta's climate and your garden's conditions.
  • Hardscape Integration:
    Design and installation of patios, walkways, water features, and other hardscape elements to complement the greenery.
  • Irrigation and Lighting:
    Installation of efficient irrigation systems to ensure plant health. Strategic placement of outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight key features and ensure safety.

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services that include mulch installation, sod installation, landscape design, retaining wall, patio paver, french drains, and more. We also offer personalized solutions tailored to your landscapes unique needs.

Yes, we’re committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly practices in all our services. This includes using organic materials and environmentally safe landscaping methods. Our goal is to build your project for the best results while protecting the environment.

We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We maintain clear communication, reliability, and a friendly approach to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our services. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide advice.

We offer competitive pricing and flexible service plans designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a one-time service or ongoing lawn maintenance, we have options to suit your budget and requirements. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees.

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