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Experience the charm of our Weed Control Near Me in Augusta, GA and nearby areas, where we specialize in controlling weeds keeping yards free of pesky weeds.

What Makes Our Weed Control Near Me Stand Out?

  • Precision Attack on Weeds

    We don’t just control weeds; we outsmart them. Our lawn spray and weed control service target the pesky intruders with precision, ensuring they’re gone faster than an ice cube on a hot Augusta afternoon.

  • Weed Control Warfare

    Every grass is unique, so our approach is too. We tailor our weed control strategies to your grass specific needs, ensuring those unwelcome guests don’t stand a chance.

  • Gentle on the Earth, Tough on Weeds

    We tackle weeds with eco-friendly solutions that are as kind to the environment as a gentle Georgia rain, ensuring the safety of your family and pets while keeping your lawn pristine.


What's Included In Our Augusta Weed Control Service?

Ever wondered what’s rolled up in our weed control in Augusta, GA? It’s a whole lot more than just bidding farewell to those pesky weeds! Here’s a peek at what our weed service includes, tailor-made for residential or commercial property.

Targeted Weed Annihilation

We identify and tackle a wide variety of weeds, each with their own ‘wanted’ poster. Our approach is so effective, those weeds might just pack up and leave on their own.

Preventive Strategies

We don’t just fight the weeds we see; we prevent the ones we don’t. Our service includes pre-emergent treatments to stop weeds before they start, keeping your lawn as spotless as a Sunday church service.

Ongoing Maintenance

Like a good neighbor, Green Lawn Augusta is there, keeping an eye out and ensuring those weeds don’t make a comeback. Weed control maintenance means your lawn stays as pristine as the greens at the Masters.

With our basic principles of weed contro, your warm season grass will be the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way, of course). Let’s show those weeds they picked the wrong yard to mess with!

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What's The Best Time for Weed Contol Near Me in Augusta GA?

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to showing those pesky weeds who’s boss. With our lawn treatment in Augusta, GA knowing the best time for ‘weed control near me in Augusta, GA’ is part of our charm. Here’s a little insight into our weed killer calendar:

Spring Showdown

As Augusta welcomes the blooms of spring, it’s prime time for us to lay down the law with pre-emergent weed control. This is when we stop those sneaky weeds right in their tracks, before they even think about crashing your lawn party.

Summer Surveillance

When the Georgia heat cranks up, weeds get a bit too comfortable. We keep a vigilant eye out with post-emergent treatments, ensuring your lawn stays as clean and green as a fairway at the Augusta National.

Fall Fortification

As autumn rolls in, it’s all about strengthening your lawn’s defenses. We prep your turf to withstand any weed invasions during the cooler months, keeping it as tidy as a well-kept putting green.

We don’t just offer ‘Weed Control Services Near Me’; we schedule their defeat. So, let us handle the timing and show those pest and weeds thats in Augusta, GA they’re as welcome as a double bogey on a par three!”

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Weed Control Services

That’ll Have the Neighbors Wantin’ to Swap Their Porch Swing for Yours in a Heartbeat

Stroll into the world of Green Lawn Augusta’s  weed control services, where we tackle those pesky weeds with the finesse of a golf pro in Augusta, GA. Our ‘Lawn Weed Controlling Service’ is not just about getting rid of unwanted green guests; it’s about ensuring they RSVP a firm ‘no’ to future lawn parties. We blend top-notch techniques with Augusta’s specific lawn care needs, ensuring that your yard stays as pristine and inviting as the manicured greens of the Masters.

Steven Nevarez
Steven Nevarez
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There service’s where quick and clean with no hesitation. They trimmed my hedges and mowed my lawn with precision and care.
Noah Garris
Noah Garris
Read More
Green Lawn Augusta is great! I really appreciated their customer service and the good work they did aerating my lawn!
Aaron Forney
Aaron Forney
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Green Lawn Augusta provides timely, professional service. They have my yard looking great

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Weed Controlling Plans

Green Lawn Special

Turf Applications
$ Starting At Per Application
  • Initial Comprehensive Analysis
  • Weed Prevention & Elimination
  • Customized Blended Fertilizer Applications with Organics
  • Free Call Backs
  • Fire Ant & Flea Tick Control
  • Grub Control

Deck Chair Deluxe

Tur Applications
$ Starting At Per Application
  • Initial Comprehensive Analysis
  • Weed Prevention & Elimination
  • Customized Blended Fertilizer Applications with Organics
  • Free Call Backs
  • Fire Ant & Flea Tick Control
  • Grub Control

Emerald Exclusive

Turf Applications
$ Starting At Per Application
  • Initial Comprehensive Analysis
  • Weed Prevention & Elimination
  • Customized Blended Fertilizer Applications with Organics
  • Free Call Backs
  • Fire Ant & Flea Tick Control
  • Grub Control

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive range of weed control services, including pre and post-emergent herbicide treatments, mechanical weed control, mulching, scalping, and other cultural methods. We also offer integrated pest management plans to help keep your property free of weeds.

Weeds can be categorized in many ways, including by their growth habits, location, and type of plant. Common types of weeds that can be controlled include annuals, perennials, grasses, broadleaves, and sedges. Different control methods, such as mechanical, cultural, biological, and chemical, can be used to help manage and prevent the spread of weeds.

This depends on the type of weeds you have, the size of your lawn, and the climate where you live. Generally, you should plan on having your lawn serviced for weed control at least once every two months or so.

To control the weeds on your lawn, you should regularly mow your lawn, remove weeds by hand, use a weed killer, and apply mulch.

There are a variety of products available for weed control, depending on the type of weeds and the area in which they are growing. Popular products include pre-emergent herbicides, post-emergent herbicides, grass-specific herbicides, and non-selective herbicides. Other weed-control methods include mechanical and cultural control, such as hand-weeding, mulching, and crop rotation.

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